Slice Bench
Slice Bench
Slice Bench
Cedric Breisacher

Slice Bench

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W 1600 x D 340 x H 450 mm - 60kg - Sycomore wood - Unique Open edition - 2022

Wood block carved by a human body and expert hand. Surface can be rough. Natural oiled finish, can resist to daily live. Place inside a room between shadows and light and more contraste you will see on the piece.


SLICE collection is born from a wish to recycle wood leftovers into massive sculptural bloks. The intention is to give back to the material its first born vitality. By sculpting those massive block with my own body, this vital energy is transmited thanks to my hands and movement in correlation with the material reaction.

Surfaces are worked in order to keep traces of the carving moment and tries to maintain a vibration by playing with light and shadows, material grain and vegetal dye. Like a metamorphose, the material is taking life again in an other shape.
As result, the function is simply gived by a plan surface placed at diferent height.
All pieces are also unique thanks to the hand made process.


This work was part of our booth at 'Collectible' design fair May 2022.


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