Recycling Reject - Sidetable
Recycling Reject - Sidetable
Recycling Reject - Sidetable
Tim Teven

Recycling Reject - Sidetable

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34,5x47xh43 - Recycled Paper Composite - 2020

Various custom made sizes and colors possible


A paper fibre can be recycled five to seven times. The fibres must then be sieved from the paper cycle and disposed of are disposed as waste by the paper recycling factories.

A single paper recycling plant has to utilise up to 75 tons of waste fibres every week. Which currently means putting into landfill or burning it.

Recycling Reject demonstrates the possibility of using the non-recyclable fibres as a building material by pressing them into a hard solid. The end result is a strong, stone like material. This adds another product cycle to the raw material cellulose fibre.

The new material can be used as a building block in interior design. The modular set consists of 3 elements, vertical blocks, horizontal planks and connecting pins to make assembling easy and give stability. With these 3 elements several pieces of furniture can be assembled, such as stools, shelves, benches and tables.

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