DTP - Dining table premium
DTP - Dining table premium
DTP - Dining table premium
DTP - Dining table premium
DTP - Dining table premium
DTP - Dining table premium
Andy Kerstens

DTP - Dining table premium

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The Rift collection arose out of a design of the very first item: the dining table.

The design was created in 2018 by the need for a simple aesthetic with an honest construction.

By duplicating all elements, the table results in a solid and strong structure and has visually a certain finesse. The simple idea to split the pieces, divided into equal elements, creates an honest and visible construction that is self-supporting, with a nod to the Japanese design method. The metal details form an interesting tension and dialogue with the wooden and stone bodies, enriching the overall look and durability of the product.

The dining table design is revised regarding the size and some details are enhanced to become a more balanced and pure design. Our new created Rift items share the same idea and origin as the initial dining table. Yet with some new design approaches and material applications.


DTP (dining table - premium)

wood white washed European larch I bleached European oak I American walnut 

metal weathered brass I patinated bronze I blackened steel 

all visible wooden and metal parts are varnished by standard 

metal parts are processed of solid brass and treated with a patina to the required effect 

all wood comes from responsible resources and is stained to the specified colour 

more hidden construction parts like screws and bolts are made from stainless steel 


This original design dates from 2018, and is perfected by reviewing some details and dimensions.

Patinated metal leg casings and connection blades between the tabletops, generate a rich contrast with the wooden structure. The table consists of duplicated items only, and has construction beams supporting the tabletop, which are visible at the top.


 BE pricing ex Works: Transport, duties, crating or any additional cost are not included.