Pierre De Valck

 - Modern Antiquities -

Pierre De Valck creates authentic, handcrafted furniture marked by the unique signature of nature over time. Durable and spirited - it is furniture to fall in love with, cherish and eventually, pass down to the next generation.

"Cabinets with stone" represents a series of cabinets incrusted with precious stones and crystals of exceptional historical importance. From the North Sea to the hills of the Ardens or even far beyond these Belgian borders e.g. Norway, Afghanistan, Namibia etc

Pierre De Valck (1991) born in Brussels, is a Ghent-based designer with a childhood fascination for archeology and collecting historical artefacts. His furniture attempts to harness the power of ancient geological processes in a contemporary bodice. Modern antiquities that allow the rediscovery of an ancestral past.

Pierre De Valck manually encrusts each piece of furniture with unique minerals and stones of exceptional historical value linked to Belgium. Leaving the minerals untouched, the mere functional is transcended, rendering the pieces both unique and authentic testimonies of our collective memory.