Pascale Risbourg

Pascale Risbourg - Ceramics

Pascale Risbourg has found new territory to explore in ceramics. A former fashion designer, Pascale, originally from France, has been living in Brussels for the past six years. She chose Belgium, known for its openness and cultural diversity, to explore other aspects of her creativity.
The wallpaper designer also expresses her desire to be “both the conductor and the instrumentalist” and bring organic, abstract, geometric and cubist graphics to life. Through modelling, her designs become three-dimensional, as she “massages the silent clay to make it speak”.

Over time and through her training at Brussel’s Art Academy, followed by an artist’s residency in Vallauris, Pascale has crafted a style that reflects her personality – a blend of strength and delicatesse, finding the right balance of full and empty spaces. She uses a combination of traditional techniques to work her grog clay and find her own language, producing ceramics that are utilitarian, unvarnished sculptures. With a natural stone finish, they are fired at high temperatures to produce black or white shades, which will depend on the type of clay used.