Nathalie Van der Massen

Nathalie Van der Massen is a Belgian designer working in the field of textile and graphic design, interior and architecture.

After finishing her Master in Graphic Design at Sint Lucas Antwerp, she went to LUCA Ghent for a 2nd degree in Textile design. During this study period she was selected for a residency at the Textile Museum in Tilburg and did internships with an Italian fashion company in Como and later with fashion designer Christian Wijnants.

In 2016 Van der Massen is asked to conduct a research and exhibition commissioned by the Flemish Architecture Institute (VAI). This experience was very important for the further evolution of her practice. In 2018 she takes the leap as a full-time designer with the establishment of her own design studio and the launch of her first collection.

Nathalie's work is characterised by an interest and sensitivity for (natural) materials, surface and technicality. Her work is exploring the (industrial) production method of textiles and its potential as an autonomous, spatial and acoustic element in an architecture or living environment.