The Belgium-based duo of Sofie Middernacht (°1985, BE) and Maarten Alexander (°1990, NL) have carved out a successful career in recent years as photographers, working for magazines like Wallpaper* and for fashion houses such as Gucci and Rick Owens.
They came together to form an artistic duo in 2016, a union that allows them to transcend the boundaries of the medium of photography, combining content that remains consistent, while continuing to adopt and adapt a versatile range of different materials. Their work is situated at the crossroads of spatial installation, photography, and sculpture.
With a long-standing interest in the uncomfortable relationship between intimacy and voyeurism, Middernacht & Alexander are perfectly capable of investigating the psychological aspects of portrait photography. They reflect on how we look at ourselves, how we look at others, and how we look at works of art. The code word here is perception.
Their innovations within the photographic medium and their constant search for new models of presentation result in conceptually and materially complex works of art with unique aesthetics.