Andy Kerstens

Andy Kerstens - Belgian Architect

Kerstens was founded in 2015 and is based in Antwerp. Kerstens is a multidisciplinary design studio with a clear vision of architecture, interior design, and furniture design. The focus is on total projects in which an affinity for craftsmanship, detail, and atmosphere are essential. 

Kerstens Rift collection is made from the best sourced materials, worked by Belgian craftsmen. The collaboration with local specialists is his pride and stays crucial for the required quality and consistent results. 

Traditional joinery details and authentic ways of processing are combined with high-tech manufacturing techniques. Every item is carefully composed and undergone a final assembly and quality check before being packed and shipped.


'‘The natural materials all passed through the hands of our amazing Belgian craftsmen.

Every element is processed and finished in Flanders to guarantee the quality we’re

striving for.’'