Jojo Corväiá

Rather than made, his ceramic pieces evoke something suddenly found when walking in a dense forest. A portion of some organic matter that needs to be cut off from a bigger mass in order to become individual. They come to our memory as a section, a division, almost a chapter of something bigger, not made but rather discovered.

"In essence, I am no interested in the idea of perfection. Being free of flaws and defects directly contradicts my idea of freedom of expression, and I see my work in ceramic as a vehicle to communicate freedom and opportunity. I connect each piece with my immediate thoughts. Each piece turns into a diary, a series of them become books, written with an idiomatic force that my hands can only achieve at the contact with the clay. It’s all about the present moment. There is no way to hide an emotion. I have to be one hundred percent there for the piece to materialize. If I make a bowl, a table or a complex sculpture, all you see is a captured moment. All you see is me. I know this because my ceramics are the closest I have ever been to understand the concept of now."

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