Frédéric Saulou

Born in 1989, Frédéric Saulou works and lives in Rennes, Brittany.

Graduated in space and environment design at the Higher Institute of Applied Arts (LISAA) in 2011 as well as in object design at the European School of Fine Arts in Rennes (EESAB) in 2013, Frédéric will continue to perfect his experience within the agency Eric Gizard Associés and with the designer Frédéric Ruyant. In 2013, he founded the studio – Frédéric Saulou Design Studio – an independent and multidisciplinary design and consulting agency that considers design as a space for research and exchanges that allows him to develop a sensitive approach to shapes and materials. Experimentation and research take precedence over his work in order to think of new materials and new uses.

This accompanies his daily approach so that each project is thought of as a sculpture in its own right between simplicity and technicality. His approach guides him towards a global but also unique approach in his creations, thus creating particular interactions between the user and the object, between crafts and industrial processes.

Today Frédéric works on various projects, from object to space, in series or in limited edition and collaborates with prestigious institutions and brands.